To know me is to know that I’m a die-hard family guy. I love my wife, kids, and our furry kids.

When my wife and I married, back in 2000, we blended two families and raised six children together. Hard to believe that 17 years later we are empty nesters.

Well, almost. Our empty nest enjoys the constant pitter-patter of 12 little feet.

We have three furry kids; dogs ranging in size and shapes including our Chihuahua (Snoop), our Pug (Hermione) and our Golden Retriever (Lucy).

Our Golden Retriever was only 4 weeks old when she came home with us, and she doesn’t have a clue that she now outweighs the other two dogs by a healthy 6o pounds. They play together every day, follow us from room to room, and two of the three sleep on our bed.

They are our children.

Recently, we learned that Snoop (our Chihuahua) has a heart condition and is now on a daily regimen of medicine. We also learned that his time with us is going to be shorter than expected.

Knowing what is coming doesn’t make it easier to bear. The thought of it is heart wrenching for the both of us.

Our impending loss motivated me to create a video of Snoop using some of the many photos and videos that my wife has taken of him over the many years. We’ve got memories of him playing and romping with the other dogs, the kids, our family, and him just chilling by himself.

Animals are blessings, offering us their unconditional love and loyalty. Along the way they contribute to a boat load of laughs and silly moments that become a part of our family story.

When I mentioned Snoop’s condition to my social media guru, she shared with me that she keeps the ashes of 2 of her pets in her office. It comforts her to know they are honored, remembered and valued, still. Therein lies the silent significance that these little furry creatures claim in our hearts and our lives; our loyalty to them and a need to have them with us always.

I share this with you because what we are going through with Snoop, every pet owner will experience. The goodbyes are excruciating, as is the loss and emptiness they leave behind.

We are already finding comfort in celebrating Snoop in our memory video. It helps to know that when his time comes, we can revisit those great memories, see his little face and remember how he warmed our hearts as a member of our family.

For those of you who share your world with your beloved pets, know that we can compile a memory video all your own. By transforming all those pictures/videos you’ve accumulated over the years into a loving, creative, thoughtful and reverent video, you will always have a way to celebrate and forever remember your furry companion.

I know I’m a big softie when it comes to my family, furry and otherwise. But I’ve built a business around creating legacy and event videos because of the comfort they offer and the memories they preserve. Everything that matters to you and me is worth saving.

Pet Legacy videos preserve all those moments that have made our pets a part of our family’s day to day. It’s an awesome way to keep them with us.

Love is a big deal. And in our family, our pets matter to us very much. Remembering them in a video of their life beats an urn with ashes any day of the week.

Dogs are indeed people too; the very best kind!

Say hello to Hermione

Little Snoop


Say hello to Lucy