There are some lessons we learn in childhood that end up serving us for the rest of our lives.

As a Boy Scout, the motto “Be Prepared” sounded simplistic. As an adult, I came to realize it is anything but. Living through the outbreak of fires in Southern California, it became painfully clear that many were caught completely unprepared. The cost of that mistake was crushing.

If you were called upon to evacuate your home within a very limited amount of time, do you know what you would take and what you would leave behind?

One of the most common things people take are photo albums. One of the most overlooked things are documents. Countless families lost these and more in the recent fires. We can help. Let Plessner Digital & Archive help you create an easy and affordable emergency plan.

We have put together an easy 3 Step solution to help you.

Step One: We will scan all your documents and put them either on a flash drive/hard drive and/or help you secure the documents you can’t afford to lose, up in a cloud-based storage system; birth certificates, death certificates, citizenship papers, marriage license, passports, divorce decrees, stock certificates, child custody papers, vehicle titles, military discharge papers, insurance policies, adoption papers, estate planning documents and medical information, to name a few.

Step Two: All your photo albums, wedding album(s), baby books, Bar/Bat Mitzvah albums and special event albums will also be scanned and stored for you.

Step Three: We will come to your home and video/photo document those items of personal value, whether it is artwork, equipment, jewelry, furnishings, etc. Insurance companies will need adequate and accurate descriptions of all items lost. With your video/photos and receipts as documentation, you will be in solid standing in your dealings with your insurance company.

Don’t need all three services? That’s okay. Choose what is best for you, and we’ll make it happen.

Whether you live in earthquake, fire, flood, tornado or hurricane country, being prepared will give you peace of mind, and save you a world of hurt when all you want is to get your family back on its feet.

Our prices are competitive, our service is the best around and we genuinely have your family’s best interest in mind. Give us a call – whether you’re beginning to plan or are already on the road to recovery, we’re here to help.


Boy Scouts know the value of being prepared!